Hey There, My Name Is

Matt Lubner

and I'm A Full-Stack Web Developer & UX Designer


I'm a design- and consumer-focused creative developer with a passion for making great products, a no-nonsense pragmatic perfectionist with a knack for expressive simplicity and obviousness, and a curiously organizational list-maker with an imaginative sense of humor.

Currently, I specialize in creating awesome web applications, from the conceptual design phase through to product development and launch. I've worked with some incredibly brilliant people, and enjoy that drive to stay at the forefront of web technology that collaboration seems to foster. Also, social beat solitude, hands-down.

I believe it's best to avoid cleverness and complexity; they are the enemy of a great design. In this way, I am unlike most engineers. The point is to save precious attention… it's not a user's responsibility to know a product; it is a designer's; it is a developer's. Our job is to enable the world, plain and simple. Let's get to work!

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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”


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